Websites and Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are websites with a suite of superpowers that allow them to operate similarly to apps downloaded from an app store without the need to manage an entire different codebase and ecosystem. They're installable and provide greater connections with visitors. PWAs allow visitors to have a more intimate and integrated experience with your web platform. Learn more about them here. I create Progressive Web Apps with the following capabilities:

Offline Mode
Installable from Site
Push Notifications
Page Saves
User Customization
Device Database Integration

I offer fine-tuned development and hosting for your site so you get the best of what your web app needs and appropraite plan pricing.

Edge Hosting
Database Management
Content Management
External Integrations
Domain Management
Site Authentication


What web building platform do you use? All websites and web apps are custom built. The structure is handcrafted, the styling is bespoke and the databases, content management systems and external integrations are all hardwired according to the particular project.
How much does it cost? Every website and web app is different. I create websites as small as simple portfolios for content creators and as large as eCommerce stores for solopreneurs and startups. Since each web platform requires different structural, styling and data needs, each project has unique pricing that is tailored to the project. You can find out the pricing for your future platform by signing up for a free web consultation with me.
Why should my business or project take the form of a web app? An installable web app allows you and your audience to have a more intimate relationship. If you run an online store, your audience can download your app to their phone and you can send them notifications when new products are released or when you have updated the company blog. If you are a content creator, you can let your audience know when you have published new content. This is just the stratosphere of what is possible with a progressive web app. The bigger you dream the higher you'll FLY!
How long will it take to put my web platform up on the World Wide Web? It depends. A straightforward blogging website with no web app functionality usually will take 2-4 weeks from the web consultation to deployment. If a project has more layers of complexity, it will require longer design and development phases. We will discuss your specific timeline during your free web consultation.