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Tell your story on the world wide web with a completely unique and effective web presence in as little as 2 weeks.

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What We Do

We care deeply about the future of the web and its' ability to allow humanity to tell it's story. feathermode exists to help individuals and businesses tell their stories. We aim to build web platforms that allows for the uniqueness of humanity to shine through. Bring your story and we'll give it a digital home.

Web Creation

We keep our process as simple as possible to leave more room for creativity and customization.



What does your project entail? What is your industry or expertise and what visions or goals do you have? The first thing we do is to ask questions and flesh out your preferences for your brand and web presence to better understand the type of web experience we need to create for you and your audience.

3 - 5 days



We then use our research on your industry or area of expertise to craft brand guidelines, logos, icons, website mockups, and other components that may be useful to you. Once we confirm the design with you we jump into development.

1 - 2 weeks



We practice clean, secure and privacy-respecting programming. We use trusted, stable and modern technologies to bulid your site, and we don't cut corners like site builders and other studios using pre-baked templates and plugins. Your site is built from the ground up to be lightweight, fast, accessible, effective, SEO-friendly, unique and healthy for the web.

1 - 2 weeks



Within weeks your site will be ready to fly and it's as simple as setting you up with a custom domain and hosting plan that suits your website. When you give us the go-ahead, we'll launch your website and you'll be skybound. All of our annual plans include custom domains, analytics, content management systems and our assistance and guidance as you grow.

1 - 3 days



We don't stop once your site is up and running. We receive daily updates on your website's security and safety, are notified of any contradictions, update your site's code frequently to maintain any new web standards, and check in with you once a month with information on your site. Our main priority is to provide you with a seamless and safe experience so you can focus on what you do best.


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Web Hosting

We provide maintenance plans for every website we help create. They're flexible and adaptable to ensure your website has a safe and consistent presence on the web every day of the year.


Your beautiful website needs a unique and memorable domain name. We'll work with you to determine the best name for your domain, purchase it, and manage it's servers and security.

Domains Done for You


Each website we manage is hosted on the Edge. That means they're hosted at serveral locations across the globe to guarantee the fasted page load times no matter where your audience is accessing it from.

Managed Locally, Served Globally


Your website is created with clean, efficient code, hosted on secure servers and any private data you may have is hosted separately from the front-facing website. Your domains are secured with SSL/HTTPS protocols and all of your sensitive data remains private.

Next Level Web Security


We currently partner with Fathom Analytics to provide privacy-friendly analytics that don't track your audience across the web. This is at no extra cost to you and your audience will appreciate that your website doesn't use invasive cookies. That also means there's no need to show an ugly cookie policy banner!

Private, Secure, Safe, Friendly


We ensure that your site meets the needs of any screen size and upgrade the code of your website whenever new needs arise or new protocols are introduced. This means your website remains modern, approachable and reliable as the world changes and grows.

Look Good on any Screen


If you need a Content Management System for your blogging, photography, or any content you may have, we'll create one for your website that meets your content needs.

Manage Your Content from One Location


Every site needs to be written and maintained appropriately to SEO standards. Each website we create meets and exceeds those standards, regardless of the content you're providing.

Search Engine Ranking Built In


We create a personal Design System (DS) for your website. If you ever need to reference the colors of your site or the branding strategies you can find all of the information you require in the DS.

Your Site, Your System

Fly Your Way

Tell us more about your story and needs. We can then set up a free consultation to discuss your current or future website and digital take off!

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